🔥BurnLock🔒 Mode Engaged! Over 40 Million WNRZ Are About To Be Removed From The Supply

burnlock mode engaged trustswap

In the spirit of increasing investors confidence and early supporters value, we are burning and locking over 85% of the total supply of tokens!

38,560,000 WRNZ have just been burnt from the marketing, ecosystem and treasury balances.

Proof of burn:


The rest of the marketing, ecosystem and treasury balances will be locked using TrustSwap in order to increase new investors confidence.

We want to thank TrustSwap.org for providing the means to safely locking up tokens in a decentralized and transparent manner!

The lock will be completed in the next 24 hours we are working on the final steps with TrustSwap team as we speak! Proof will be updated in this post once it’s completed

What Does This All Mean?

New investors are now reassured tokens are locked meaning is safer to invest. Since new comers are not familiar with winplay.app platform, having tokens locked means the can trust the project without worrying!

For early investors and supporters, having tokens burnt means their value has increased directly according to the supply and demand laws… we have just removed a big portion of the supply in one go.

It’s time to keep growing and showing the cryptoworld WinPlay is a force to be reckoned with!

The WinPlay Team.