1M KuCoin Exchange Giveaway On WinPlay Competition Update

We are proud to inform all users KuCoin Exchange’s 1M giveaway campaign will be reopened for all participants today 18th of February 2020.

You will be able to join the campaign here once it’s live: https://WinPlay.App/1-million-usdt-giveaway

The announcement will go live first on our telegram announcement channel so join now to find out about it first: https://t.me/WinPlayApp

Prize pool: A total of 550 users will be rewarded, the top 500 users will be rewarded 1000 USDT each and we will select 50 users at random from all participants to win 10,000 USDT each. To qualify for the random rewards users must complete at least 1 task in the campaign

What is WinPlay.App?

WinPlay.App is the most advanced viral marketing platform in the crypto industry and beyond.

Users are incentivized to compete with each other into performing gamified marketing actions for the projects sponsoring the campaigns.

This means all users can benefit from participating directly by gaining points that will entitle them to handsome rewards. At the same time, projects benefit from all the added exposure engaged and active crypto users bring by interacting with their WinPlay.App campaigns.

Feel free to check out all features of WinPlay.App on our business page: business.WinPlay.App.com.

Thank you all for your continuous support, we are excited to keep bringing the best opportunities for all our users.

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The WinPlay Team