Event Updates BurnLock Stats

BurnLock Updates winplay token burn and lock on trustswap

There are a lot of things happening since the token launch 4 days ago, let’s go over a full update:

As far as events go, our 35,000 USDT Uniswap trading tournament is live and will continue for another full week and there are 3 campaigns live on winplay.app with over 15,000 USDT worth of crypto to be given away.

Token Lock On TrusSwap Platform

There are now 9,639,999 WNRZ tokens locked on TrustSwap, these include the marketing, ecosystem and treasury tokens.

These will be hard-locked for a full month , after that, community proposals will be submitted to decide on how to spend the available budget.

LockProof using trustswap.org smart contract :

Source: https://etherscan.io/address/0x06d0ccbfa6f1eec7ca61288f8545efd977384c

Burn Statistics:

There are now over 41,000,000 WNRZ tokens burnt and removed from the circulating supply.

Proof of latest burn:


Total burnt tokens:


With over 50,000 USDT in wealth distribution campaigns and 50,639,999 WNRZ tokens removed from the supply in our BurnLock rally we trust we are creating the foundations for a strong performance.

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