How to use Uniswap To Buy WNRZ Tokens and Add Liquidity

How to buy wnrz tokens

Install Metamask (Web 3 wallet). You can install it as a Google Chrome extension or download it here. All trades will happen through this decentralized wallet.

Once installed you should see the extension on your top-right browser area:

Once you have metamask extension is time to visit the Uniswap website and click on ‘Launch App’

You will be directly taken to the Swap/ Pool page.

Select the version of Uniswap you want to use. Version 2 is preferred. We will discuss in a future article about the difference between the two.


Connect your Metamask wallet to Uniswap using “Connect to a Wallet”

Now is time to swap your ETH for WNRZ token! To do so, you need to choose ETH as the swap pair and then choose WNRZ tokens by pasting the contract address:

Select WNRZ token by pasting the contract address in the search bar:

Swap and the Output token will be in your Metamask wallet.

How To Add Liquidity To The Pool

Instead of doing a swap, now we will show you how to add liquidity to the pool and earn trading fees in doing so.

For this to work you will need WNRZ tokens aswell as the other token in the pair ie when adding liquidity you need both sides of the pair.

Let’s assume you will add liquidity into the ETH/WNRZ token pair, firstly you need to click the option ‘Pool’ and the ‘Add Liquidity’

Hope this information is useful to you! If you have any further questions please join our token sale group on telegram here: