How To Use The Farming Interface

winplay farming tips wnrz

Head to and pick the pairs you want to provide liquidity in and stake your tokens for farming:

Connect your wallet:

Get liquidity tokens by providing liquidity on Uniswap:

You will need to provide liquidity in the chosen pairs on uniswap first, once you are done doing this (make sure your transaction has gone through on etherscan by looking at your wallet’s information):

Make sure all latest transactions are approved and verified to ensure all steps are completed correctly

Once the transaction shows as completed on etherscan,the interface on winplay will show your balance as having liquidity tokens.

Once you have liquidity tokens in your balance (you might have to reconect your wallet to winplay), click Approve Send:

Once this transaction has been approved on etherscan, you will be able to stake tokens by clicking the ‘stake’ button:

Now you are staking and earning WNRZ tokens:

Join the main token group if you have any further questions, somebody will give you a hand getting started!

Good luck, happy farming, have fun in the trading tournament!

The WinPlay Team.