NASH Exchange Winners And Reward Distribution

Rewards Distribution Nash Exchange WinPlay

DAO consensus and Announce NASH exchange winners and new winplay campaigns

Further Instructions for NASH Exchange Campaign Winners For Claiming Rewards

We have sent emails to all the winners confirming their position in the leader-board aswell as the last steps required to claim the BTC rewards.

For those users who added their BTC wallet correctly last week (Before Thursday 16th 23.59 UTC+7), we have already delivered your reward so check your wallets!

Many users failed to correctly connect their BTC deposit wallets to their NASH exchange accounts.

For this reason, we have sent further instructions to all winners on how to resubmit the right deposit private BTC wallet were we can deliver their rewards this week.

If you can see your winplay user name in the Nash Exchange winner’s leader board, please check your email for further instructions on how to submit your BTC private wallet and receive your rewards.

You have until Thursday 23rd of July to complete the wallet submission.

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Thank you all for participating and good luck getting more cryptos out of these campaigns!

The WinPlay Team.