WinPlay Partners Up With ChainAdoption To Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

chain adoption winplay partnership

We are very proud to announce we will be partnering up with Chain Adoption to fuel blockchain adoption and our platform’s growth. will collaborate with WinPlay as a strategic business development partner and advisory role.


Chain Adoption has helped more than 300 companies across all stages and sectors, with an emphasis on enterprise, consumer, and frontier technology.

They specialize in Strategic business development and technical leadership, advisory and support capabilities for blockchain projects on all stages, pre-IEO/STO, post-IEO/STO, and beyond.

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About WinPlay.App

WinPlay.App is the most advanced viral marketing platform in the crypto industry.

Users are incentivized to compete with each other into performing gamified marketing actions for the projects sponsoring the campaigns.

This means all users can benefit from participating directly by gaining points that will entitle them to handsome rewards. At the same time, projects benefit from all the added exposure engaged and active crypto users bring by interacting with their WinPlay.App campaigns.

Businesses can learn more about all the features of WinPlay.App on our business page:

The WinPlay Team