WinPlay’s Reply To KuCoin’s Statements

WinPlay Announcement

First things first, we want to apologize to users for the confusion caused by this statement following an internal operations and financial dispute between WinPlay platform and KuCoin Exchange.

We want to reassure all users that the rewards for the ongoing campaigns (which will continue as scheduled without interruptions) on WinPlay.App will either be sent to the users’ private wallets or other exchanges, where the tokens are listed. We will communicate which will be the chosen option for each campaign once we have contacted the projects directly as we do want to include them in the decision making process. All of this will continue without KuCoin.

The only campaign that will be cancelled immediately (unless KuCoin Exchange decides to retract their statements and clear out the outstanding disputes between our two parties) is the 1M USDT giveaway, which was scheduled to restart February 18th 2020, according to the following statement:

Even though the post was taken offline, we do wish to remind users that the rebranding of KuCoinPlay into WinPlay was a mutual decision by both parties before disputes arose:


We would like to remain as objective, transparent and factual as possible during these times. But given the statement made by KuCoin Exchange, we have to give our legal team more time to analyze the situation and suggest the best path forward. We certainly don’t want to get involved in unnecessary legal disputes. We seek to internally resolve the financial disagreement without making a public spectacle of it.

In a sign of good faith, if you are a member of the media and are seeking further details, do get in contact with us at [email protected] and we will be as transparent as we can at this time.

Resolving this situation and moving forward with our vision of bringing blockchain to the masses through gamification still remains our main objective. We hope we can resolve these standing issues as fast as possible, so we can continue our work without fearing legal repercussions and censorship.

Sincerely yours,

The WinPlay Team.

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    1. We truly hope this situation gets resolved without any inconvenience and that your efforts will be rewarded as they should. As per the article, we are now waiting on a resolution which we hope will be one that benefits all users who worked hard during the exchange campaign

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