Yield Farming, Trading Tournament and IDO Sale Explained

winplay uniswap trading tournament competition

We are pushing innovation in the token sale environment by combining some of the most fun and popular features of the DeFi movement (plus some old classics).

What does this exactly mean?

WNRZ Token Sale Will Be Made Up Of 3 Main Events:

  • Uniswap listing IDO public sale
  • Yield Farming/ Liquidity provision rewards
  • Trading tournament with a jackpot of over 35,000 USDT

Exact dates and times will be shared this week as we go through the final stages of minting tokens and publishing the smart contract, if you haven’t seen it yet, please read our transparency report, which includes details on tokenomics, token lock-up periods and collaboration with TrustSwap platform to increase investors confidence.

Now, let’s brake down each of the events above and go through the ways you need to prepare yourself to make the best out of this opportunity!

IDO Token Sale And Uniswap Listing: Make Sure You Know How Uniswap Works!

Watch Coach K’s awesome walk through video on how to use uniswap so you can be ready to buy WRNZ tokens once we release the contract address:

Make sure you subscribe to Coach K’s channel to learn how to become a better crypto trader, his content is awesome, make sure you get the best out of it!

As Per Our Transparency Report, The IDO Token Sale Will Be As Follows:

  • 10M WNRZ tokens will be up for offering
  • Initial price and liquidity provision: 0.0000250 ETH per token, 250 ETH + 10,000,000 WNRZ tokens added as initial liquidity on Uniswap
  • Tokens will be directly available to be purchased on the decentralized exchange
  • 4M tokens were sold during the private sale and the price is the same as the start of the IDO= 0.0000250 ETH per token
  • The circulating supply will be only 14M tokens due to the lock up structure

We will announce once the Uniswap listing has happened in our main token sale telegram group, so make sure you join now and keep updated as to when the token sale goes live.

Yield Farming & Liquidity Provision Rewards

Another exiting feature of the WNRZ initial public offering is the addition of yield farming features which will allow liquidity providers to get extra rewards for their efforts.

Given the increased popularity of this decentralized method of token distribution, we will be offering 10,000,000 tokens as incentives for all degens and chads in the cryptosphere.

Liquidity providers will be able to buy WNRZ tokens from uniswap and add liquidity using the following pairs:


There will be 10,000,000 tokens in total within the reward pool and these will be distributed each block at a rate of 500,000 tokens weekly.

The larger your share in the liquidity pool, the larger your reward so make sure you prepare your alpha tractors before hand so you can switch gears into money-making mode.

The farming will be done through an easy user interface located at winplay.app and clicking on this icon (farming section will go live at the same time the sale goes live on Uniswap):

Trading Tournament 35,000 USDT Jackpot Prize

As per usual, we have a special promotion to go with the launch! We will be giving away 35,000 USDT in rewards to participants in the first-ever decentralized trading tournament on Uniswap.

All transactions will be recorded on the blockchain and we will be updating the main leader-board on our telegram group every 20 minutes.

Users Will Be Rewarded For The Following Actions:

💧Most Liquidity Added

The address that provides the most liquidity and keeps it for at least 48 hours will get a prize of 10,000 USDT.

Yield Farming wallets do not directly count as liquidity provision wallets! To count for this rewards you must give liquidity directly to the uniswap pool:

If you don’t fully understand how to add liquidity on Uniswap, please study the uniswap video in our winplay transparency report.

🔥Most Tokens Burnt

The address who sends the most WNRZ tokens to be burnt will win a prize of 10,000 USDT.

To burn tokens users need to buy them from uniswap and send them to the ETH wallet address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

💵Highest Amount of ETH bought

The address that spends the biggest amount of ETH buying WNRZ tokens will receive a prize of 5,000 USDT.

Buying and selling DO NOT COUNT! Only buys and holds will add up to the main prize, so if you buy 5 ETH but then you sell 2 ETH worth of tokens your final points will be 3 ETH.

The same way, if you buy 3 ETH and then you buy another 2 ETH worth of tokens, your final score will be 5 ETH.

🔝Highest Price Paid Per Token

The wallet that pays the highest amount of ETH for 1 WNRZ token will win 3,000 USDT in prizes.

📈Most Volume Traded

The trader that does the most volume during the tournament will win 3,000 USDT.

🚀Highest Amount Of WNRZ Tokens Bought

The address that buys the highest amount of WNRZ during the tournament will receive a prize of 2,000 USDT.

Buying and selling DO NOT COUNT! Only buys and holds will add up to the main prize, so if you buy 10,000 WNRZ but then you sell 8,000 WNRZ your final points will be 2,000 WNRZ.

The same way, if you buy 5,000 WNRZ and then you buy another 5,000 WNRZ tokens, your final score will be 10,000 WNRZ.

💹Most Transactions Made

The trader that makes the most transactions (buys+sales) will win 2,000 USDT in prizes.

Further Questions

If you have further questions or doubts come join us to our token sale group: https://t.me/winplaytoken

Let’s make this a special launch the cryptocurrency world has never seen before.

The WinPlay Team.